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In collaboration with SOFiSTiK AG, Germany. SOFiSTiKated is your UK hub for enquiries, product sales, support and services for building design. We are based in Manchester, United Kingdom, serving the UK and Ireland.

Interested in exploring, investigating and comparing SOFiSTIK software with other vendors on the market? We're here to assist so you are better informed in your decision making.

Are you a current or previous user and have not yet leveraged the power of SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design (Revit based) workflow. We can demonstrate its effectiveness, introducing to you the benefits and advantages this will bring to your technical delivery of your projects.

Our expertise lies in reinforced concrete frames. This inherently non-linear material demands accurate non-linear material worklaws, and accuracy in the modelling, analysis and design. This is acheived using the SOFiSTiK+Revit BIM delivery platform.

As practising Chartered Structural Engineers, we are well placed to answer your questions. We understand the advanced features, performance advantages, applications and integration of SOFiSTiK in live working environments. This experience provides you clarity on how your design and analysis can be enhanced with the software.

We assist and provide full support with modelling, analysis and design on your live reinforced concrete frame projects to ensure their successful delivery. This is a great way to on-board the software. If modelled in parallel with your existing software, this provides a unique opportunity to directly compare efficiency and technical capability whilst you are familiarising yourself with your new investment.

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Find out how your FEA & Design will be revolutionised with SOFiSTiK+Revit BIM.

We understand the importance of having clarity on whether a software will meet your demands. We know you need to understand its accessibility and integration into your workflow.
As expert users in live project environments, we’re here to help inform your decisions, provide practical assistance and offer a bespoke support service.

Greg Southall, C.Eng,


BIM products, detailed feature lists, and Productivity Tools you need to boost your UK & Ireland projects will appear soon.
Until then, we introduce you to a few key features.










Find out how SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design with Autodesk Revit can revolutionalise your BIM design workflow. 

Only three steps to complete your finite element model. Use for early stage design or refine and optimise further for detailed design. The Analytical Model Generator (AMG) helps you fast track your worklow with the rapid creation of an analytical model generated from the physical counterpart. Next, apply your loads before generating the finite element model for subsequent analysis and design tasks.

The Analytical Model Generator allows the user to define the hierarchy of element placement in this streamlined process. The generation process is complete in a minute or two allowing you to investigate, optimise, repeat, assign locks to members, or manually change until you're satisfied with the outcome. You decide the accuracy required for the stage of design considered.

Analytical Model Generation Workflow in Action

Supercharge your Modelling,
Analysis & Design workflow...

... and achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy all within one ecosystem for all your tasks.

Analytical Model Generation

SOFiSTiK+Revit BIM workflow leverages an Analytical Model Generation (AMG) from the Physical Counterpart. SOFiSTiK has developed on top of the Autodesk Revit API this robust model generator.

Put simply, this works!

This is your first step in the rapid creation of a functioning optimised analytical model ready to conduct your first analysis.

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Essential Features For Your Projects


Highlights of version SOFiSTiK | 2024

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